Cinando Match&Meet app


Find your perfect professional match with the Cinando Match&Meet app!

Expand your network and find the best business partners you never knew you needed.

Your Marché du Film accreditation gives you access to our Cinando Match&Meet app.

Cinando Match&Meet is THE networking app you need to prepare and get the most out of your time during the Marché du Film.

Setting up the app is easy. Simply login with your Cinando email, briefly describe what you are looking for and what you’ll be bringing to the market.

The app will work its magic to suggest the best professional matches for you based on mutual interests. Within the app, you will be able to chat and schedule online meetings with potential co-producers, financiers, partners and prospects.

No need to worry about the logistics: the app will even take care of booking your meetings, finding locations and setting a date by checking your calendar availability.

It’s that simple!

To download the app:

 The Cinando Match&Meet app is available on iPhone and Android.

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