NFDC Film Bazaar

NFDC Film Bazaar is South Asia’s largest film market. The Co-Production Market (CPM) is a platform for curated projects with South Asian themes to find financial and artistic support. Every year selected projects from CPM get numerous avenues to connect with Indian and international producers, distributors, sales agents and financiers from across the globe.



A Hidden Tale Behind The Mist

Original title: Kuhiro Pariko Sahar

Directed by: " Pasang Dawa Sherpa (Simal Cinema Pvt. Ltd.)"

Produced by: Prem Prasad Adhikary (Simal Cinema Pvt. Ltd.)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Nepal

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 246 000 €

Budget in place: 20%

Expected release: December 2023

Looking for: Co-producers, sales agent, festivals

A devoted wife, SARKI (21) lives with her stony-hearted husband SANGE (28) and son DORJE (7) in a village surrounded by beautiful mountains. Sarki’s daily routine consists of household chores along with taking care of her paralyzed husband.
Her efforts do not pay off and his health is worsening gradually. All of sudden their dog dies in a mysterious way. Sarki believes that it took all her husband’s pain and passed away. When Sange gets recovered but she encountered with a different reality.

Written by: Pasang Dawa Sherpa (Simal Cinema Pvt.Ltd.)


Simal Cinema Pvt. Ltd. – Nepal | Simal Cinema is a production company based in Nepal founded in 2017.Its credit; The Remains (Manoj Panta, 2018, Short, Fiction), screened at Tampere and 37 more festivals winning 5 awards. Projects in development a)A Hidden Tale Behind the Mist (Pasang Dawa Sherpa, Feature, Fiction) selected in 3 platforms including Film Bazaar Co- Production Market 2021 winning IFI- PAS award, and b) The Witness Tree (Niranjan Bhetwal, Short, Fiction) selected in the Short Form Station at Berlinale, 2021.


Moving Bangladesh

Original title: Moving Bangladesh

Directed by: Nuhash Humayun

Produced by: Bijon Imtiaz, Arifur Rahman (Goopy Bagha Productions) & Bich-Quan Tran (DISSIDENZ)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Bangladesh, France

Runtime: 110 min

Projected budget: 500 000€

Budget in place: 50%

Expected release: Q1 2023

Looking for: Financing, Co-producers, Sales Agents, Labs

Sick of being stuck in traffic- and in life, a struggling entrepreneur creates a motorbike-based ride -sharing app that may change travel in Bangladesh, forever…if he can overcome his family, relationships- and the government.

Written by: Nuhash Humayun


Goopy Bagha Productions Limited – Bangladesh | Goopy Bagha Productions Limited has produced internationally award-winning films including Bangladeshi Kingdom of Clay Subjects, Live from Dhaka, Afghan short film Roqaia (2019). Goopy Bagha produced film has been showcased at Venice, Rotterdam, Busan, Seattle, Singapore, Shanghai, Melbourne, Stockholm, and many other international film festivals. Their in-development Paradise was part of 2019’s Berlinale co-production market and ‘Solo’ is part of this year’s La Fabrique, Canne Film Festival.


Second Chance

Original title: Second Chance

Directed by: Subhadra Mahajan

Produced by: Shyam Bora (Metanormal Motion Pictures)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: India

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 144 656 €

Budget in place: 50,16%

Expected release: June 2023

Looking for: Financing, co-producers, sales agents, festivals, post-production (sound design, sound mix, grade, delivery)

City girl MIA visits her family home in the Himalayas in winter, alone; depressed & detached.
The caretaker of the house departs, leaving his old mother-in-law BIMAL, in charge. Her days are filled with manual labor & looking after her naughty grandson SUNNY.
Interaction is unavoidable…
The 3 distinct souls find themselves bound together beyond age & class divides. Until the arrival of an unexpected visitor drives Mia straight back into her trauma. Mia debates giving herself a ‘Second Chance’.

Written by: Subhadra Mahajan


Metanormal Motion Pictures – India | Metanormal’s first feature film KOTHANODI, premiered at the 2015 Busan Film Festival and was the first Assamese film globally licensed by Netflix. Its second feature, AAMIS, premiered at 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and maverick Indian film maker, Anurag Kashyap, presented the film on its release across cinemas of India. Metanormal’s most recent feature production, EMUTHI PUTHI, was shot completely on an i-phone (in official collaboration with Apple India) and is currently in post-production.


The Catch

Original title: The Catch

Directed by: Rishi Chandna (Chicken Roll Films)

Produced by: Dina Dattani (Furaha Pictures Limited)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: India

Runtime: 100 min

Projected budget: 360 000 €

Budget in place: 33%

Expected release: Mid 2023

Looking for: Financing, co-producers

An impoverished Muslim fisherman becomes a millionaire overnight after catching a shoal of the rare and prized Ghol fish in the polluted, nearly barren waters off the west coast of India. The newfound wealth offers him a chance to buy a bigger boat and rebuild his life, but a renewed wave of anti-Muslim sentiment threatens his plans and forces him to confront past traumas.

Written by: Rishi Chandna & Rahul Srivastava


Furaha Pictures Limited – UK / India | Dina Dattani is an independent producer, having worked in the UK, India and the US for over 15 years. Whilst having worked with a studio on major Oscar & BAFTA winning productions (Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi, Terror in Mumbai), her independent productions and co-productions (Hotel Salvation, Brahman Naman) have also received both critical and commercial success. She will be setting up a UK-based company under the name Furaha Pictures Limited. Furaha in Swahili means joy and happiness.



Original title: Dengue

Directed by: Prantik Basu (Riverine Films)

Produced by: Prantik Basu & Tanaji Dasgupta (Riverine Films)

Genre: Drama, LGBTQ+, Romance

Country of production: India, Netherlands

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 460 000 €

Budget in place: 30%

Expected release: 2023

Looking for: Financing, co-producers, sales agents

During a sudden summer rain in Kolkata (India), a young migrant worker named Nepal gives refuge to Sunny, a medical student, by offering him his room to stay. While the narrow suburban roads get flooded and soon become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry a tropical virus, a feverish romance unfolds between the two men.

Written by: Prantik Basu (Riverine Films)


Riverine Films – India | Riverine Films is a young Indian production company based in Kolkata. Focusing on diverse and underrepresented voices, Riverine is home for intimate stories that have universal resonance, told with artistry and sensitivity.


Last time on Earth

Original title: Last time on Earth

Directed by: Paromita Dhar (Ronronear Films)

Produced by: Paromita Dhar (Ronronear Films) & Yohann Cornu (Damned Films)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: India, France

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 525 000 €

Budget in place: 15%

Expected release: Feb 2023

Looking for: Financing and co producers

Last Time on Earth is the story of Manna and his persistent dream of magical proportions. He is a construction worker who left his village to work in the city. While he toils in the night-time metropolis, his dreams – literally day-time dreams seeping into scattered sleep – take him repeatedly to the moon. Manna works in its glow and has recurring dreams of it. They are dreams that metamorphose into signs, and finally into an idea that he plans to execute with his friend Kazi’s help.

Written by: Paromita Dhar (Ronronear Films)


Ronronear Films – India | A Production house that is looking out for producing unique human stories in the arthouse sector because these films are difficult to produce in the Indian market as it is more focused on mainstream cinema. Also another focus would be working with Female directors in India.



Original title: RASA

Directed by: Anjali Menon (Little Films)

Produced by: NP Prakash (Little Films)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: India, Nepal

Runtime: 100 min

Projected budget: 400 000 €

Budget in place: 25%

Expected release: Sept 2022

Looking for: Sales agents, festivals

Manju, a Nepali housemaid works in a South Indian town, thousands of kilometres from her country. Her expressionless mask of servility hides all she feels through the mundane job. When told to, she reluctantly escorts her boss’ daughter to classical dance training. Unexpectedly the rhythms of the dance infuse in Manju, an unfamiliar energy and she becomes enchanted with it. Smitten, she journeys with the art form as an audience until the social class divide pushes her away from it.

Written by: Anjali Menon (Little Films)


Little Films – India | Little Films is a film company that produces and line produces features, shorts and documentaries in India. Based in Mumbai for over 12 years, Little Films has focussed on selective culturally rooted content that speaks to a wider audience. Little Films also provides ancillary services for filmmakers and training modules for film education under Little Workshops. Films by Little Films have received recognition at national and international forums.