Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum (San Sebastian IFF)

The Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum of the San Sebastian Film Festival is intended for fiction and non-fiction developing projects from Europe and Latin America. European works must have a link to Latin America. Those responsible for projects will have the opportunity to present them to industry members and will have a personal agenda of meetings with professionals interested in participating in their projects.
In the Co-Production Forum, important prizes are awarded as the Best Project Award; the DALE! Award (Development Latin America-Europe) and the ArteKino International Prize.




Original title: ANHELL69

Directed by: Theo Montoya (DESVÍO VISUAL)

Produced by: Juan Pablo Castrillón (DESVÍO VISUAL)

Genre: Hybrid

Country of production: Colombia, Romania, France

Runtime: 85 min

Projected budget: 250 000 €

Budget in place: 45%

Expected release: June 2022

Looking for: Financing, Sales agents, Festivals.

While a funeral car travels across the streets of Medellin, Theo Montoya remembers his past and his friends, in a city suffocated by war and drugs. A cocktail of punk rock and modern vampires composes this neo-noir documentary narrated by the director himself.

Written by: Theo Montoya (DESVIO VISUAL)


DESVIO VISUAL – Colombia | We are from Medellín, Colombia. DESVIO VISUAL was founded in 2014. Interested in the hybrid documentary creation, we keep a dialogue between fiction and documentary, where the most important is the research of the narrative risk and experimentation . Our first short films, SON OF SODOM has been selected in the Cannes 2020 official selection. And our first length film, ANHELL69 is in the preproduction stage.


Eternal Adolescent

Original title: Eternal Adolescent

Directed by: Eduardo Esquivel (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES)

Produced by: Omar Robles (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES) & Julia Cherrier (CALOUMA FILMS)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: México

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 650 571 €

Budget in place: 64%

Expected release: June 2023

Looking for: Sales Agents, Co-producers (We will shoot some scenes of the film outside of Mexico)

Gema’s suicide attempt brings her three children together after many years on the eve of an unusually cold Christmas. Cristina, stubborn and deeply Catholic, assumes responsibility for the mother; Sony, who fled as far as she could more than twenty years ago; Brunito, younger by many years, a forty-something gay man who still dreams of finding the love of his life. A cold front rages and locks them indoors, threatening to bring back the family’s most painful memory and put it right on the table.

Written by: Eduardo Esquivel (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES), Omar Robles (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES), Sofía Gómez Córdova (BRUJAZUL)


MUCHACHXS SALVAJES – México | Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, MUCHACHXS SALVAJES is a company founded by Mexican filmmakers Omar Robles and Eduardo Esquivel. Their short films have been presented at film festivals such as Berlinale, La Semaine de la Critique, Huesca, Cartagena, Sheffield, Morelia and others. Their first feature film “The night flowers” premiered at IDFA 2020 and won the Audience Award at Morelia FICM and the Best Documentary Award in Guanajuato GIFF. Eternal Adolescent is their first fiction feature film.



Original title: Angeles

Directed by: Paula Markovitch (Altamira Films)

Produced by: Altamira FIlms, Gualicho Cine, Isla Bonita Films, Avanti Pictures

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Argentina, Mexico

Runtime: 80 min

Projected budget: 410 000 €

Budget in place: 68%

Expected release: 2023

Looking for: Financing, sales agents

Angeles (11) peddles candy on the street. David (50)works in a parking lot. David admits he’s going to suicide throwing himself from a building under construction. Angeles doesn’t try to talk him out of it; quite contrary, she decides to help his friend. They spend a few curiously-happy days. A few days later, Angeles goes to the building. Drunk, David is sleeping at the edge of the abyss. Angeles decides to push David over the edge. About to fall David pukes. This random event saves his life.

Written by: Paula Markovitch (Altamira Films)


Isla Bonita Films – Argentina | ISLA BONITA FILMS is a film production company from Córdoba, Argentina. Its main goal is to produce films with new conceptual and artistic approaches, fostering auteur films with strong potential. ISLA BONITA FILMS is composed of the producers Magalí Mérida & Martín Paolorossi.


Memories of a burning body

Original title: Memories of a burning body

Directed by: Antonella Sudasassi (Substance films)

Produced by: Manrique Cortes (Substance films)

Genre: Social affairs

Country of production: Costa Rica, Spain

Runtime: 80 min

Projected budget: 320 750 €

Budget in place: 58%

Expected release: December 2022

Looking for: Financing, co-producers, sales agents

What happens when veins, gray hair, spots take over our bodies, and fertility has long since left the womb? Memories of a burning body is a lyrical portrait that intertwines and freely recreates the lives of Ana (68), Patricia (69) and Mayela (71) who allow us to sneak into their most secret intimacy to explore how they live and enjoy their sexuality when the rest of the world thinks it no longer exists. Does desire still exist? Does pleasure diminish? What changes?

Written by: Antonella Sudasassi (Substance films)


Substance Films – Costa Rica | SUBSTANCE FILMS is an independent production house based in Costa Rica that brings intimate stories to national and international audiences. Fiction, documentary, hybrids, animation, feature films, shorts, web series, we dare to give voice to our emotions through our stories.



Original title: NOCHE AMERICANA

Directed by: Nele Wohlatz

Produced by: Cecilia Salim & Georgina Baisch (Murillo Cine)

Genre: Documentary, Hybrid

Country of production: Argentina

Runtime: 80 min

Projected budget: 285 000 €

Budget in place: 40%

Expected release: February 2023

Looking for: Financing, co-producers, type of filming locations

Why do we look at animals?, What kind of language is there between humans and animals?.This film examines the craft of animal wranglers: The training of certain actions and subsequent bewilderment on set; miscommunication between the trainer´s intention and the animal’s will; how the dynamics of a shooting stress up the waiting time on set. This documentary tells about the effort required for mutual understanding to take place, and it highlights the fleeting moments in which this happens.

Written by: Nele Wohlatz


Murillo Cine – Argentina | Murillo Cine is a Buenos Aires-based production company founded by Georgina Baisch and Cecilia Salim in 2014. In just a few years they managed to position themselves internationally in the film industry. Murillo produces auteur films that portray reality from an innovative point of view.