Baltic Event Co-Production Market

Baltic Event Co-Production Market, taking place November 23-25 within Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, is the meeting-place for feature films in development looking for co-producers, financiers and sales agents. 16 projects are selected each year and over 400 pre-arranged meetings held with decision-makers who have made Tallinn their yearly stopover to look for new projects for their slates.




Original title: Aliya

Directed by: Dekel Berenson (Three Color FIlms)

Produced by: Marek Rozenbaum (Transfax Films Productions) & Alexander Rodnyansky (AR Content) & Paul Wesley (Three Color Films)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Israel, Russia

Runtime: 120 min

Projected budget: 2 000 000€

Budget in place: 40%

Expected release: March 2022

Looking for: Financing, co-producers, sales agents, festivals

Aliya, an 18-year-old recent immigrant from Ukraine, finds meaning in her recently discovered Jewish identity and feelings of patriotism towards her newly adopting country, where she trains to become a drill instructor in the Israeli army. Aliya heads into the city for a night out but ends up being sexually assaulted by her date. She then must return to the military base but struggles to complete her course, as she re-evaluates her values, beliefs, and place in Israeli society.

Written by: Dekel Berenson (Three Color Films)


Transfax Films Productions – Israel | Transfax Film Productions, established in 1989 by Mr. Marek Rozenbaum, specialize in production services in Israel, co-production and production of feature films. In addition to feature films, Transfax has produced over 40 documentaries for Israeli Television, 7 dramas and over 80 television commercials and television programs.



Original title: Tasty

Directed by: Egle Vertelyte (Inscript)

Produced by: Lukas Trimonis (Inscript)

Genre: Comedy

Country of production: Lithuania

Runtime: 92 min

Projected budget: 720 000 €

Budget in place: 59%

Expected release: January 2023

Looking for: Co-producers, sales agent

Two best friends, who work in a local canteen “Tasty”, enter a national competition which will challenge not only their cooking skills but their friendship as well.

Written by: Egle Vertelyte & Irena Kuneviciute


Inscript – Lithuania | INSCRIPT was launched in 2013 by producer Lukas Trimonis and writer-director Egle Vertelyte both graduates of the NFTS in the UK. Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, INSCRIPT is an award-winning film and TV production company that creates and produces own IP, engages in international co-productions and offers professional production services. The work of the company is successful and recognised on an international level. We are part of ACE, EAVE, INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF LITHUANIA


Spilt Milk

Original title: Spilt Milk

Directed by: Brian Durnin (925 Productions)

Produced by: Laura McNicholas (925 Productions)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Ireland, Belgium, TBC

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 1 950 000 €

Budget in place: 40%

Expected release: September 2022

Looking for: Sales Agents, Co Producers

SPILT MILK follows eleven-year-old BOBBY O’BRIEN, a precocious and energetic boy obsessed with becoming a great detective like his hero television sensation KOJAK. Set against the backdrop of 1980’s, working class, inner-city Dublin, BOBBY and his pal NELL torment their family, friends and neighbours as they set up their own private investigation enterprise. But when BOBBY’s brother OISIN disappears this story of innocence and adventure stumbles into the murky world of criminality and addiction….

Written by: Cara Loftus (925 Productions)


925 Productions – Ireland | Laura McNicholas established and runs 925 Productions in Dublin. 925 develops and produces TV drama and feature films and their slate includes the feature film CLASS A and the TV dramas’ THE CROSSING PLACE and THE LIBERTIES, all in development with the support of Screen Ireland. Laura is a member of Screen Producers Ireland, the Cannes Producers Network 2021 and an alumni of the TorinoFilmLab SeriesLab and Rotterdam IFF Producers Lab.


The Black Hole

Original title: The Black Hole

Directed by: Moonika Siimets

Produced by: Riina Sildos (Amrion Production)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country of production: Estonia

Runtime: 98 min

Projected budget: 1 055 000 €

Budget in place: 60%

Expected release: Spring 2023

Looking for: Co-producers, sales agent

A black hole appears mysteriously in a lilac bush of a tower block district. A sinister-looking comet shines in the sky, and certain events start to unfold, calling the inhabitants’ dreams of a better life into question. Especially when facing aliens, a giant spider and an Austrian in breeches.
Three comically absurd tales interweave in “Black Hole”, making a point about the essence of modern life when people are in moral decline and have lost the ability to connect with each other.

Written by: Moonika Siimets


Amrion – Estonia | AMRION was established in 2003 by Riina Sildos to produce high quality feature films and documentaries for local and international cinema and TV. Amrion’s titles include 6 documentaries and 17 feature films, TV-series, among them internationally acclaimed co-productions: „The Class “ (2007), „The Poll Diaries“ (2010), „Une Estonienne a Paris” (2012), „The Pretenders“ (2016), „Mihkel“, „The Little Comrade“ (2018). In 2021 2 feature film international premieres are scheduled.


8 Views of Lake Biwa

Original title: Biwa järve 8 nägu

Directed by: Marko Raat

Produced by: Ivo Felt & Dora Nedeczky (Allfilm)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Estonia

Runtime: 100 min

Projected budget: 1 444 623 €

Budget in place: 70%

Expected release: 2023

Looking for: Our main goal is to find a co-producer who would bring extra financing on board. We’re open to co-produce with any part of Europe. We’re also interested in talking to distributors and sales agents, as our aim is to build a conscious marketing and audience strategy while the pre-production happens.

Observing a Russian Old Believers village by the shore of modern day Lake Peipus, through the frame of the Japanese artistic tradition of 8 views, this series of intertwined tragic love stories illuminates how we have all lost touch with the soulfulness of the world.
A devastating accident drowns many of the village’s children and pushes the surviving inhabitants into a cascade of tragic consequences. Even in a community self-isolating from progress, their faith, art and magic are fading.

Written by: Marko Raat


Allfilm – Estonia | Allfilm is an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated production house operating since 1995. The company’s scope of activity varies from developing and producing quality features, documentaries and TV series to developing transmedia concepts and producing highly finished commercials. The company also provides production services for international films and commercials. Over the years Allfilm has produced more than 80 films, including international Co-Productions.


Maria’s Silence

Original title: Maria's Silence

Directed by: Davis Simanis

Produced by: Gints Grube (Mistrus Media)

Genre: Drama, Historical

Country of production: Latvia, Germany (tbc)

Runtime: 100 min

Projected budget: 1 300 000 €

Budget in place: 50%

Expected release: 2023

Looking for: Co-producers, sales agents

A powerful historical drama based on the true story of Maria Leiko, famous actress who late in her career has to decide between fame and love for her grandchild, between her ideals or the lies of Stalin’s totalitarian regime.

Written by: Davis Simanis


Mistrus Media – Latvia | Production company Mistrus Media was established in 2000 and has since become one of leading production companies in Latvia. Its areas of activities lie in production and co-production of creative features, documentaries, TV programs and provision of production services. Productions of Mistrus Media have received several national awards,, they have been screened worldwide. The variety of Mistrus Media productions have strong reflection on historical themes, genre films, documentaries.


Kevlar soul

Original title: Kevlar soul

Directed by: Maria Eriksson-Hecht

Produced by: Ronny Fritsche

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Sweden

Runtime: 100 min

Projected budget: 1 600 000 €

Budget in place: 10%

Expected release: Early or mid 2023

Looking for: Financing, co producers, and international sales

Alex life purpose is to look after his little brother Robin and his alcoholic father Bo. That is until he meets Ines. With Alex engulfed by love Robin looses his footing and begins to freefall. After a tenement house burns down, with fifteen dead, Robin is found guilty of arson. Alex blames himself for neglecting Robin and sees it as his responsibility to save his family. The only problem is that neither Robin nor Bo wants to be saved.

Written by: Pelle Rådström


Zentropa Sweden – Sweden | Zentropa Sweden AB is a production company that produce and co-produce Swedish and European films. The company is based on the west coast of Sweden, in Gothenburg and Trollhättan. The company has produced films by Swedish directors Magnus Von Horn, Björn Runge, and Co -Producing Lars Von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg.