VeeR Future Award (360 Cinema)

Selected by VeeR, 14 Projects and an Award

VeeR, a leading VR entertainment platform available worldwide, curates an innovative program, VeeR 360 Cinema. This program dedicated to 360 VR films encourages creators to push the limits of immersive storytelling. The selected films will be showcased in the inaugural VeeR 360 Cinema during Cannes XR Virtual and the winner will be presented with the VeeR Future Award and will be awarded a Premium Distribution Package.



VeeR invited artist worldwide to submit work to its inaugural VeeR 360 Cinema. The selected 360 VR films will be showcased during Cannes XR Virtual and via VeeR VR Video Platform. A LBE showcase will also be organized in China in VeeR network.

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An international jury is gathered by VeeR to declare the Award winner.

Jury Members:

  • Jingshu CHEN (Co-Founder, VeeR, China)
  • Liz ROSENTHAL (Programmer Venice VR, Venice International Film Festival, Executive Producer at CreativeXR, CEO & Founder at Power to the Pixel, Italy)
  • Michel REILHAC (Programmer, Venice VR, Netherlands)
  • Loren HAMMONDS (Senior Programmer, Film & Immersive at Tribeca Film Festival, USA)
  • Astrid KAHMKE (Festival Director, Virtual Worlds)
  • Jay KIM (Producer, CoFounder, GiiÖii, XR curator at BIFAN)
  • Xun LI (Senior Researcher, China Film Art Research Centre, China Film Archive, China)
  • Elie LEVASSEUR (XR program Leader, Marché du Film, France)
  • René PINNELL (CEO & Founder, Kaleidoscope, USA)


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Produced by: Maria Courtial
Team: Maria Courtial (Producer), Joerg Courtial (Director)
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This project is awarded a Premium Distribution Package.