Discover the Cannes XR Exhibitors!


Positron Positron has partnered with Cannes XR this year to have an Positron XR Cinema with 5 of its new award-winning motion virtual reality chairs. Positron has been offering an exclusive immersive cinematic experience which includes scent, haptic and motion. Positron has also announced its expansion from its technology platform to XR content production and distribution to bring the best narrative XR and immersive experiences to audiences worldwide.

VR Heroes VRheroes, the largest virtual reality film studio in Poland, have showcased its two most recent VR feature films at its booth. In the internationally awarded "Warsaw Rising VR," viewers become an insurgent in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Premiering at the Cannes Festival is the studio's newest film, "Victory 1920," a story within the Polish/Bolshevik war. In August 1920, after a months-long fight, the Polish army retreats under attack from Russian forces as defeat looms inevitably. When a mysterious report arrives at the Polish camp for urgent delivery across enemy lines, it is met with apathy, save for American fighter pilot Merian C. Cooper and a few Polish heroes who still cling to hope. In this Cinematic VR film, viewers join these heroes’ resistance, defying orders and the odds to deliver the vital dispatch. Together, can they change the course of history? The studio is best known for films that transport viewers to essential moments in history, bringing us closer to answering the question, “What would you do if you were there?” Today, as the world observes another threat to democracy in Europe, VRheroes believes this question is more important then ever.

Kinhouse Studio The Kinhouse Studio booth have showcased their lastest VR experience, Cosmogonic. Cosmogonic is the first VR experience inspired by the famous Polish science-fiction writer Stanisław Lem – futurist, well acquainted with the way that fictional worlds can often encroach upon reality. In Cosmogonic, we travel into the memories of the title character, a once-great robot engineer, to visit the planet of Actinuria. Here, the Pallatinids, a society of giant robots, live under the cruel king. Fearing a conspiracy, he forces the citizens to wear suits of uranium armor, which cause an explosion if too many of them gather. But one of them, a bold, young inventor named Pyron, decides to use science and technology to inspire a revolution. This adaptation of a 1965 short story by Lem speaks perfectly to today’s world, where populism and disinformation threaten democracy. A testament to the importance of knowledge and community in the universal drive to freedom. Cosmogonic is 6DoF seating/standing 8 minutes experience. Selected to World Premiere in June 2022 at Newimages, Paris.