Discover the Cannes XR Exhibitors!


Positron Positron is pleased to announce it will partner with Cannes XR this year to have an Positron XR Cinema with 5 of its new award-winning motion virtual reality chairs. Positron will be offering ticketed experiences for an exclusive immersive cinematic experience which includes scent, haptic and motion. Positron will also be announcing is expansion from its technology platform to XR content production and distribution to bring the best narrative XR and immersive experiences to audiences worldwide.

VR Heroes VRheroes’ booth contains, most importantly, three of their Oculus Go virtual reality headsets. Paired with rotating chairs, these goggles are all they need to display their two largest feature films, “Warsaw Rising” and “Victory 1920,” the latter of which will premiere at their booth in Cannes. Visitors are welcome to view the films as well as learn more information about VRheroes and what makes their approach to virtual reality cinematography unique. They will display their film posters on the walls in addition to providing pamphlets at their booth’s desk. Their booth will be equipped with three rotating chairs, each with an accompanying VR headset, where guests can view their films.

Kinhouse Studio The Kinhouse Studio booth will showcase their lastest VR experience, Cosmogonic. Cosmogonic is the first VR experience inspired by the famous Polish science-fiction writer Stanisław Lem – futurist, well acquainted with the way that fictional worlds can often encroach upon reality. In Cosmogonic, we travel into the memories of the title character, a once-great robot engineer, to visit the planet of Actinuria. Here, the Pallatinids, a society of giant robots, live under the cruel king. Fearing a conspiracy, he forces the citizens to wear suits of uranium armor, which cause an explosion if too many of them gather. But one of them, a bold, young inventor named Pyron, decides to use science and technology to inspire a revolution. This adaptation of a 1965 short story by Lem speaks perfectly to today’s world, where populism and disinformation threaten democracy. A testament to the importance of knowledge and community in the universal drive to freedom. Cosmogonic is 6DoF seating/standing 8 minutes experience. Selected to World Premiere in June 2022 at New Images, Paris.