📆 Thursday 19 May | Virtual Production Masterclass with Jannicke Mikkelsen

This year’s special highlight has been an exclusive Virtual Production Masterclass with Jannicke Mikkelsen (FNF) – an award-winning Norwegian filmmaker, cinematographer, and Virtual Production expert.

Jannicke is the recipient of the first-ever European Society of Cinematographers Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement; in 2017, she was named one of Norway’s most influential women in tech, and in 2019 one of the UK’s most influential women in tech. She has worked with wildlife pioneer David Attenborough, legendary rock band QUEEN’, and virtual cinematographer for Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Stowaway starring Anna Kendrick.

The masterclass has given European directors, producers, and cinematographers a deep dive into the process of virtual production from planning to post-production.

If you registered for the Marché du Film 2022, you can now watch the replay on our plateform – – until 31 August.


📆 Friday 20 May | How can data thinking can attract audiences raise finance, promote your catalog, festival and achieve success in distribution and beyond, powered by usheru

Due to increasing competition for production finance and the disruption to the theatrical window from streamers, the competition for audience’s attention, time and money has escalated to unforeseen levels post-pandemic.

The difference between winners and losers is marked by those who can gather, analyse, and understand data – identifying trends & behaviours, and the ability to cut through the noise to reach the right audience.

Understanding data, mastering innovation and implementing new business models will not only become critical for your short term success but also a vital requirement for any projects co-financed by Europe. But how can you get this right? For many, this remains a mystery.

Cannes Next with usheru and Dain Studios have presented an exclusive session to help you understand and master data – the key to unlocking new audiences, finances, and long term success for your organisations.

The session have covered the following subjects:

  • why anyone in the film industry can understand and work with data
  • how you can build basic data skills for yourself and your team
  • how data helps you to better produce, distribute, exhibit and promote/sell your films
  • why having a data understanding can help you secure financing more successfully
  • who are the right companies to partner for data insights
  • how to make better and longer-lasting business, leadership, and policy decisions

The session was led by Mark Kirkpatrick, Business Development Executive at usheru – a film marketing company focused on building digital efficiencies that connect audiences with audiovisual catalogues, by creating meaningful long-term relationships, and Dirk Hoffman, Co-Founder of DAIN Studios – European leading data and Artificial Intelligence company which has supported many of global heavyweights in building data-driven solutions and skills for Media and Entertainment sector with their data solution predicting correctly the Oscar winners in 2022!

📆 Saturday 21 May | NFT Meetings & Business Brunch

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have taken the world by a wave cashing in millions of dollars in digital auctions and leaving the industry proponents calling it the next “gold rush” or the “changemaker in for the global film financing”.

Yet much remains a mystery about this decentralized technology and its use cases. Will it bring new financing, and from whom? Is it only fit for tech savy communities, ancillaries and digital collectables, or can it also work for distribution or VOD? What about the ownership and rights, and of course, how to distinguish legitimate players from others?

The NFT morning consisting of a panel discussion and business meetings session has brought together seven industry-validated pioneering platforms: next-generation film funds, digital distribution, collectables and IP management, and the metaverse. It was followed by an exclusive brunch to showcase or learn what opportunities NFTs can offer to creators, producers, financiers, studios and network with pre-registered projects and professionals. The showcase has been combined with first-come, first-served business matching to build business opportunities between NFT platforms & innovators and a selected number of industry projects and professionals.

If you registered for the Marché du Film 2022, you can now watch the replay on our plateform – – until 31 August.