Principal Supporter

Creative Europe MEDIA

Creative Europe MEDIA supports the European film and audiovisual industries by facilitating the development, distribution and promotion of their work.Through its funding initiatives, it helps films, TV series, documentaries, video games, and immersive content with a European dimension to travel across borders. Additionally, they provide support to cinemas, festivals and markets, while nurturing European talents and audience development.

Next Tech on the Beach Partners


SPROCKIT is a Global Open Innovation Platform Fast-Tracking Innovation Discovery for Corporations and Startups Seeking Partnerships. Since 2013, SPROCKIT has been the trusted Global Open Innovation Platform and ecosystem for 60+ leading Fortune 500 Media, Entertainment and Technology companies and 250+ market-tested tech startups to bring innovative products, services and revenue models to market through partnerships, investments and acquisitions. Over the past 10 years, SPROCKIT startups from 20+ countries have raised more than $2 billion from tier one investors, had 33 exits and 100’s of partnerships.

Hackathon Partners


Join us for a journey into cinematic activism with DIM filmhouse’s “VONA: Inside Ecocide,” a documentary film and hackathon led by co-producer +372 Community. Here, we seek solutions for environmental damage in Ukraine and aim to enhance global awareness of ecocide. The ‘hack’ will connect Cannes, Tallinn, and Kyiv to the international digital community. Endorsed by Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Nobel laureate Oleksandra Matviichuk, and held in partnership with Invest Estonia, Start-up Estonia, CCL, Stop Ecocide, Latitude 59, and Flare Films.

Cannes Next Partners & Exhibitors

Switzerland, Country of Honour

Switzerland’s increasing influence in the fields of innovation and technology will take center stage as our 2024 Country of Honour at this year’s Marché du Film to showcase the latest cutting-edge tools and facilitate connections with Swiss visionaries, startups, influential decision-makers, and film funding entities. Recognized as the global leader in innovation for 2023 by a UN study conducted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland impressively continues to hold top ranking in the Global Innovation Index (GII) for a 13th consecutive year. This recognition reaffirms Switzerland’s commitment to fostering creativity and propelling technological advancements forward.

International Screen Institute

The International Screen Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing innovative top-level training for film and media creatives and executives, emphasizing the business aspects of the audiovisual industry. With a focus on fostering sustainable careers and businesses, the Institute aims to connect and empower international international industry professionals working both in fictional and factual content realms, as well as all key-players within the audiovisual ecosystem. Through its training programs, the Institute brings together international film and TV experts with selected participants, both in Austria and online.

Adapt Entertainment

Adapt Entertainment is a creative technology company that has developed a proprietary AI neural-rendering process that enables the synchronization of dialogue in foreign language films or TV series with a new language, seamlessly integrating the new dialogue into the original content. As a result, the production appears as though it was originally filmed entirely in the new language, while preserving the performance of the original content. The technology allows for an inclusive, enhanced storytelling experience while maintaining the integrity of the original actor’s performance and script, with no subtitles and no dubbing. This allows for a much larger global audience for international content without the need for remakes.

Göteborg Film Festival

Göteborg Film Festival is the leading film festival in the Nordics and the primary industry platform in the region with more than 2000 professionals attending. The festival is one of the world’s largest audience festivals, hosting several major competitions such as Nordic Competition, International Competition and the Ingmar Bergman Competition. Nordic Film Market welcomes industry from all over the world, showcasing films and talents from the Nordics, presenting the annual Nostradamus report about the near future of the audiovisual industries, as well as the drama series conference and marketplace TV Drama Vision. The 48th Göteborg Film Festival will be held January 24 – February 2, 2025.