Meet the Artinii.Pro team to learn more on how the company provides solutions for secure digital distribution of AV content.

The DaaS and US patent pending suite of products represent the core of the business, fulfilling the company’s goal to simplify the distribution process, making it easier to reach audiences worldwide. From single sends via Artinii Content Delivery, TVOD white labels to Hybrid Film Festival Solutions Artinii.Pro, has you covered.

Artinii.Pro also partnered up with the Festivals Hub to support the conference on: “The New Era of Festivals: Expanding beyond Hybrid” taking place on Thursday 19 May.

NFT Panel and Brunch

On 21 May, Cannes Next explored the future of film financing with one of a kind business networking brunch, “How NFTs can revolutionize the film industry from collectibles, financing to brands and communities“.

Seven industry innovators from NFT platforms have presented how tokenized technology can take your film to the next level.

Virtual Production at Cannes Film Festival

V-Studios presented an exciting preview of their Virtual Production in the garden of the Grand Hotel.

Talent-led film and TV group Film Soho have set up the virtual activation at Cannes, in preparation for its launch of the first virtual production studio to be built in Soho, Central London.

The new studio in Soho, will allow filmmakers to place actors in breath-taking, completely controlled virtual environments, and will feature a 1.5mm pixel pitch. It means productions can get closer to the screen than ever before. The stage will be able to provide other solutions, such as pre-visualisation, virtual location scouting, additional photography, and feature film pick-ups.