Cannes Makers


Meet the 2023 Participants!

Meet the 11 participants of our inaugural Cannes Makers program!

Our participants are not merely participants but potential collaborators, primed to infuse fresh perspectives and their unique talents into your business. If you are currently seeking young and gifted professionals for potential job opportunities, we encourage you to connect with our eager Cannes Makers participants!

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Shahad Abonomai | Saudi Arabia

Raghad Bajbaa | Saudi Arabia

Eyva Cibrelis-Octaville | France

Marwan Elshafie | Saudi Arabia, Egypt

Angel Lama | Nepal

Darya Levchenko | Ukraine

Clemens Meyer | Germany

Alphonse Morain | France

Noa Nwande | France

Mamoun Scally | Morocco

Errika Zacharopoulou | Greece

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