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Animation Day


Directed by: Jan Kounen

Produced by: Philippe Aigle & Séverine Lathuillière - Naïa Productions

Country of production: France, Belgium

Original title: Epiphania

Language: French

Runtime: 90min

Completed in: 2023

After a giant tsunami, the arrival of a new hybrid species disrupts the social order. These half-human, half-animal children, called Epiphanians, develop a visceral hatred of human beings as they grow up. The Earth, mistreated and threatened by Humans, seems to be sending its own army.

Animation Day


Directed by: Lisa Marie Russo

Produced by: Kate Ogborn (Fly Film), Vicki Rock (Enter Yes)

Country of production: UK - Ireland

Original title: Lollipop

Language: English

Runtime: 85min

Completed in: 2024

Lollipop (the sweet sounding name of a mastectomy scar) explores the creator’s surreal odyssey of tackling breast cancer. Twice. Her avatar, Eva, slips into youthful memories of seaside attractions and sunshine, which morph into something dark and corporeal as she juggles family life and illness.

Animation Day

Mavka The Forest Song

Directed by: Malamuzh Oleg, Ruban Oleksandra

Produced by: Kostyuk Iryna, Koval (Eliseeva) Hanna (Anna), Olesov Egor. ANIMAGRAD (FILM.UA GROUP)

Country of production: Ukraine

Original title: Mavka The Forest Song

Language: English

Runtime: 90min

Completed in: 2022

Mavka, a magical sprite, responsible for protecting the forest from the outside world, faces her greatest challenge when she meets a human for the first time — and falls in love with him.

Animation Day

When Adams Changes

Directed by: Joël Vaudreuil

Produced by: Parce que films

Country of production: Canada

Original title: Adam change lentement

Language: French Canadian

Runtime: 90min not completed

Completed in: 2023

Adam is a 15-year-old teenager who has the strange peculiarity of having a body that changes, depending on the teasing and negative comments he receives from those around him. The accumulation of his physical changes just adds a layer to his already complex life.

Animation Day

With Closed Fists

Directed by: Zoltan Horvath, Jean-Jacques Kahn, Franck van Leeuwen

Produced by: Nicolas Burlet - Nadasdy Film

Country of production: Switzerland - France

Original title: A poings fermés

Language: French

Runtime: 75min

Completed in: 2024

“With Closed Fists” tells the story of Victor Young Perez. He wins the World Boxing Championship in 1931 and experiences glory, wealth, and passion. He is also a Jew, arrested by the French police in 1943 and deported to Auschwitz; he disappears during the “Death Marches”.