Creating the new normal: intersectionality in the film industry

The panel discusses paths toward an inclusive future for the film industry, where the creativity and business acumen of all its stakeholders is fully realized, without prejudice and bias.

Meet the Streamers: Independent Streamers reply to a crisis

The COVID Pandemic has impacted the film and media industry. However, independent digital initiatives have rapidly bloomed across the world not only to deliver precious films to a stranded audience, but also to support local cinemas, distributors and producers through a range of innovative ideas. 

Meet with NEON – Tom Quinn & Elissa Federoff

A conversation about growing the business, lessons learned, building out a diverse team and slate of films while running a progressive company in a time of political upheaval and a global pandemic.

Revisiting the definition of on-line platform in actual context

Can we revisit together the definition of a digital platform during and after the health crisis? With the cancellation of “physical” festivals and the closure of cinemas during several months, what role have the platforms played in terms of deal making and exhibition/circulation of independent films internationally?

The Audiovisual Sector in the Time of COVID-19 Live after-talk with the Speakers of the Documentary Film

The aim of this event is to provide an insight into the effects of the pandemic on the various businesses of the audiovisual industry, the support measures that have been adopted across Europe and the feelings of the various key players with regard to the future. 

Meet the Streamers: Meet with HBO Max – Sandra Dewey

Keynote conversation about launching HBO Max during an unprecedented time, navigating the evolving streaming landscape and the importance of cultivating and nurturing underrepresented talent.

China Next: How to resume film production? / The impact on distribution

Renowned representatives of the Chinese film companies / studios and European producers / film funds share their views on the prospects and challenges of film production. 

John Sloss: Global Deal Maker 

We know it is not easy to get financing for independent films. Over the past decades, John Sloss has succeeded. A key player for indie filmmakers. He will be in conversation with Rosa Bosch, providing a unique insight into his ability to be both a great deal maker and nurture enviable long term artistic and business relationships.

A conversation between Efe Cakarel and Pablo Larraín

With the accelerated growth of streaming services and absence of cinemas for months, consumer habits and expectations have changed. The halting of production and cancelled festivals has also allowed filmmakers to reflect on new ideas. What will cinema look like in the future and how will it be watched? 

Adapting Your Work For An At-Home Audience

The pandemic has paused the Location-Based distribution that many XR creators count on for audience cultivation.

🎵 Keynote with Alexandre Desplat and John Powell

Doc Day Online: Dieudo Hamadi

His film ‘Downstream to Kinshasa’ (‘En route pour le milliard’, repped by AndanaFilms) is the very first film from the Democratic Republic of the Congo ever selected in Cannes.