Media Meets Tech 2020: European Film and MediaTech Startups and Investors in Focus ⁠Mixer

Media Meets Tech is a showcase and networking platform that presents and connects selected European media innovators and cutting edge startups with the global film & entertainment business in the framework of Cannes NEXT – the innovation sidebar of Marche Du Film – Festival de Cannes, the number one industry platform for the global film industry.Following its successful launch in 2019, the sophomore edition of Media Meets Tech takes place on Wednesday, 24th of June from 12 – 3.30 CET* (Paris time) during the virtual Marche Du Film ( 2020 virtual edition will present ten, go to market stage European #mediatech #filmtech #contenttech #mixedreality and #data#AI startups with cutting edge solutions at the time of the global COVID pandemic as well as features keynotes from selected European mediatech platforms and investors followed by digital networking and speed meetings. The selected startup founders and decision-makers will also enjoy a curated business matching and networking program with film and entertainment industry executives and potential clients during the duration of Marche Du Film Online, from 22nd until 26th of June.

Expect a deep dive into the startups and organizations revolutionizing European media, Film and entertainment technology landscape get ready for Media Meets Tech 2020


Cannes NEXT – Marché du Film organizes the showcase with the support of the Creative Europe Media Program and the European Commission.


The startup selection and ecosystem partners for the 2020 edition are VRT Sandbox (Belgium), Next Media Accelerator (Germany), Media City Bergen (Norway), and Techstars (Global)


Media Meets Tech 2020 startups are:


Respeecher / / at 12:50 – Respeecher is a high-quality voice cloning system that lets one voice sound exactly like another voice. Respeechers’ unique technology is used by Hollywood productions, by filmmakers and video game developers. Thus Respeecher’ helps to scale voices and give additional creative tool and required flexibility in creating blockbuster grade voiceovers. Alex Serdiuk, CEO & Andra Postolache, Business Development and Marketing Manager.


Hashtag Daily / /at 13:05 – Hashtag Daily is a vertical daily series that a young audience can watch on their smartphone. Like a TV channel would produce a show to sell advertisement slots, we are selling product placement on the show typical for influencer marketing. We integrate every message or product in the storyline that is written every month and produced with professional actors. Within the last 60 days we had 15 mio views & over 1 mio likes in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Anna Juliana Jaenner, Showrunner & Laila Maria Witt, Creator.


Digifilm / / at 13:20 – The Digifilm is revolutionizing long term film archival by combining the best of the analog and digital worlds. The Digifilm platform consists of writing on a photochemical film a visual code that will allow, when reading it back, to recover the original data of the film (images, sound, subtitles, etc.) without any degradation, thus bringing together the best of both worlds: the pristine quality of the digital original and the longevity and simplicity of film conservation. Antoine Simkine, CEO


Froomle / / at 13:35 – The Froomle AI guarantees to increase subscriptions for media, news and entertainment providers. Froomle is able to commit to this guarantee by showing every individual consumer extremely relevant content, at the perfect moment, through her preferred channel. The Froomle AI does this based on profile data, past consumer behaviour and input from human editors. This extreme relevance results in consumers coming back more often, staying longer, converting more and churning less. Thomas Steisel & Anton Smet


Klipworks / / at 13:50 – Klipworks enables publishers to request video content from their users and to use the footage in their own productions. It makes it fast an easy to collect smartphone clips in large volume. Asger Rasmussen, CEO & Peter Nikolaj Trnka, CTO


Cinuru / / at 14:05 – Cinuru is the next generation analytics and data-based customer platform for cinemas helping cinema owner better understand and engage their audiences. Paulo Ruhrländer CEO & Jannis Funk, Data scientist


Mjoll / /at 14:20 – Mimir by Mjoll is a browser-based media management solution. It’s a tool for journalists and video editors, or anyone working with video, for automating the boring and time-consuming tasks, such as video and image metadata logging, speech-to-text transcription, multi-language translation, and more. Find the assets you need in a fast and secure way and create better stories. Mimir makes it possible to shoot content at a remote destination and access to edit or view the content anywhere quickly. Kristian Kim Eikeland, EVP Product and Sales & Steinar Søreide, CTO


Banjo – Robinson / / at 14:35 – Banjo Robinson is the globetrotting magical cat, and the next global animation, games, video and toy superhero designed to delight your kids and encourage learning through stories and activities. Banjo was born from wanting to create those special moments for other children – by sending letters, stickers, and surprises all year round that introduce children to the wonders of the world, whilst encouraging them to pick up a pencil and start writing (or drawing) a reply. Kate Boyle, CEO


Cascade 8 / / at 14:50 – Cascade8 comes straight from the experience of the film production and financing company Logical Pictures. Cascade8 develops a new technological ecosystem for the cinema industry, aiming at solving bottlenecks of each step of the value chain. Yannick Bossenmeyer, CEO


Visualyst / / at 15:05 – The people that make and deliver film and TV services spend a lot of time and money conducting regulatory and legal compliance checks of their videos (movies, series, ads etc) before these can be published for public consumption. Visualyst helps video creators, regulators and distributors manage compliance checks faster than ever before. Miguel Silva, CEO & Founder


Speakers: Yannick Bossenmeyer, COO, Cascade8; Kate Boyle, CEO, Banjo Robinson; Kristian Kim Eikeland, EVP Product and Sales, Mjoll AS; Jannis Funk, Co-Founder, DataScientist, Cinuru Research GmbH; Anna Juliana Jaenner, Showrunner, Hashtag Daily; Andra Postolache, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Respeecher; Asger Rasmussen, CEO & co-founder, Klipworks; Paulo Ruhrländer, Co-Founder & CEO, Cinuru Research GmbH; Alex Serdiuk, CEO, Respeecher; Miguel Silva, Founder & CEO, Visalyst; Antoine Simkine, innovation/communication, Digifilm Corp; Anton Smet, Business Development Representative,Froomle; Steinar Søreide, CTO, Mjoll AS; Thomas Steisel, Account Executive, Froomle; Peter Nikolaj Trnka, CTO & co-founder, Klipworks

Moderators: Eamonn Carey, Managing Director, Techstars; AC Coppens, Marketing strategist, curator, speaker, The Creatives’ Catalysts; Sarah Geeroms, Strategic partnerships/Head of Sandbox Hub, VRT; Kristoffer Hammer, EU Advisor, NCE Finance Innovation; Lucia Recalde, Head of Unit, DG Connect

European Commission; Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Head of Next, Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes