Monday May 14 – 11:30 - 13:00 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Presented by: The Palestine Film Institute

Palestine Film Institute (FPI) is a structure that supports film productions from and for Palestine, by providing development and consultancy, increasing accessibility for funding and connecting film talents and experts. The PFI is rooted in the tradition of cinema history, independent film practices, and the commitment of cinema as a tool of social change.

As I Want - ©Samaher Al Qadi


Directed by: Samaher AL QADI

Produced by: Karim EL HAKIM (Prophecy Films) - Egypt; Co-Produced by: Sami SAID (Idioms Films) - Palestine

Country of production: Egypt, Palestine

Running time: 75’

Completed in: September 2018



After the brutal gang rape of Samaher’s best friend, and waves of attacks against women, a rebellion of women ignites on the streets of Cairo and the Woman’s Rights Movement of Egypt is born anew. Samaher enters the fray, her camera her weapon, but her journey is not only a view to the outside, it is an intimate documentation of her own inner awakening that confronts the painful childhood traumas that shaped her.

Contact: Karim EL HAKIM - /

The Devil's Driver - ©Mohammed Abugeth, Daniel Carsenty


Directed by: Mohammed ABUGETH, Daniel CARSENTY

Produced by: Mohammed ABUGETH & Daniel CARSENTY

Country of production: Palestine, Germany, France

Running time: 90’

Completed in: November 2018



Chased by the army, two Beduin smuggle Palestinian workers through the Negev desert. A portrait filmed over five years about men living on the edge in one the most fragile regions of the world.

Contact: Daniel CARSENTY -

Displaced In Heaven - ©Khaled Jarrar


Directed by: Khaled JARRAR

Produced by: Khaled JARRAR (Jenin Films), Thomas KASKE (Kaske Film)

Country of production: Palestine, Germany, Qatar

Running time: 80’

Completed in: February 2019



By following a family through the Balkan route, a Palestinian director plunges into the horror of exile in a desperate need to recover his lost memories. A journey between two times and two displacements.

Contact: Thomas KASKE -

Lyd In Exile - ©Sarah Friedland & Rami Younis


Directed by: Sarah FRIEDLAND & Rami YOUNIS

Produced by: Rami YOUNIS & Fivel ROTHBERG (Perinspire LLC)

Country of production: Palestine, USA

Running time: 90’

Completed in: September 2019



A vivid portrait of a city splintered by war, weaving together multiple voices from the past, present and future. Palestinian elders remember their expulsion, Zionist soldiers return to the scene of the massacre they committed, Jewish settlers re-shape the city in their own image and a young educator fights to preserve Palestinian cultural identity.

Contact: Sarah FRIEDLAND -