Saturday 12 May – 10:00 - 11:30 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Presented by: Cinema México - Mexican Film Institute

Visions 2018 will showcase for the industry four documentary works in progress by both new and well established directors at the Marche du Film - Doc Corner. The special event has been organized by the Mexican Film Institute from a list of films supported by IMCINE. All titles are documentary films currently in post-production, ready for festival selections with all rights available.

Kiliwas at Dusk - ©Rodrigo Iturralde Álvarez

KILIWAS AT DUSK (Los Últimos Kiliwas)

Directed by: Rodrigo ITURRALDE ÁLVAREZ Produced by: Georgina GONZÁLEZ RODRÍGUEZ (Monofilms, Off-Hollywood Films, Gavilán Cine y FOPROCINE/IMCINE)

Country of production: Mexico

Running time: 90’

Completed in: June/July 2018



In the remote San Felipe desert and parts of the San Pedro Martir mountain range, the Kiliwa indigenous tribe tells us the extraordinary tale of their past and present: the roots of the Baja California culture. Through the portrait of the last five native speakers and some other Kiliwa indigenous who live in the territory and abroad, we explore their existence, future and what could be their last legacy to humanity: living in harmony with nature.

Contact: Georgina GONZÁLEZ -

Lawless - ©Mario Mandujano

LAWLESS (La Ley del Monte)

Directed by: Mario MANDUJANO

Produced by: Mario MANDUJANO & Anilú PARDO (DeCuernos Al Abismo Films, Manica Producciones, FOPROCINE/IMCINE)

Country of production: Mexico

Running time: 90’

Completed in: May 2018 (ready)



A controversial group of residents from what is called Tierra Caliente, in the state of Michoacán, have abandoned their profession and their anonymity to find a new calling and turn to self-vindication. Forced by deep convictions and the need to rescue their land from the law of the land, imposed by most feared criminal group of our country: Los Caballeros Templarios. All good intentions are rapidly confronted by two main obstacles: the reintegration of all those who have renounced the movement and the intervention from the federal government, to stop all competition in the use of force.

Contact: Mario Mandujano -


La Perla de Marina - ©Daniela Alatorre

MARINA’S PEARL (La Perla de Marina)

Directed by: Daniela ALATORRE

Produced by: Daniela ALATORRE, Natalia ALMADA & Elena FORTES (No Ficción, FOPROCINE/IMCINE)

Country of production: Mexico

Running time: 70’

Completed in: September 2018



Marina and Perla join thousands of women on an annual Catholic pilgrimage. Perla´s coming of age accentuates a generational divide as she struggles to assert her independence as a woman.

Contact: Daniela ALATORRE -

Shooting - ©Elpida Nikou, Rodrigo Hernández

SHOOTING (Disparos)

Directed by: Elpida NIKOU, Rodrigo HERNÁNDEZ Produced by: Abril SCHMUCLER, Rodrigo HERRANZ (Ficha Cine, Muzungu, FOPROCINE/IMCINE)

Country of production: Mexico, Spain

Running time: 70’

Completed in: October 2018



In one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Mexico City, Jair Cabrera, a young photographer observes and portrays the consequences of a corrupt system and a war not yet assimilated.

Contact: Abril SCHMUCLER -, Rodrigo Herranz -