Sunday 13 May – 11:30 - 13:00 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Presented by: DOCUBOX

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Turkana: Race for Resources - ©Jackie Lebo


Directed by: Jackie LEBO

Produced by: Chelagat NETAY (Content House)

Country of production: Kenya

Running time: 90’

Completed in: February 2019



A forgotten desert community grapples with the consequences of a big oil find on their land. Will the promised development be what they’ve always wanted and must they lose their traditional way of life? Turkana: Race for Resources observes the battle for the soul and the future of Kenya’s great Northern desert country.

Contact: Jackie LEBO -

The Letter - ©Maia von Lekow & Christopher King


Directed by: Maia von LEKOW & Christopher KING

Produced by: Maia von LEKOW & Christopher KING (Circle and Square Productions) / Executive Producers: Iikka VEHKALAHTI (IV Films) & Cynthia KANE

Country of production: Kenya

Running time: 75’

Completed in: December 2018



In coastal Kenya, a frenzied mix of consumerism & Christianity turns families against their elders, branding them as witches and stealing their land. 92 year-old Margaret stands accused by her sons, while her feisty daughters try to protect her. This dangerous dispute is seen through the eyes of grandson Karisa, who must choose which side he is on.

Contact: Christopher KING -

Truck Mama - ©Zipporah Nyaruri & Peggy Mbiyu


Directed by: Zipporah NYARURI & Peggy MBIYU

Produced by: Zipporah NYARURI (Visual Asili Limited)

Country of production: Kenya

Running time: 70’

Completed in: September 2018



Driving a 20-tonne truck in the most notorious highway in East Africa covering over 1,000 miles is not for the faint hearted, but Evelyn, a 35-year-old mother of two conquers this male dominated job.

Contact: Zipporah NYARURI -

My Father's Son - ©Pete Murimi


Directed by: Pete MURIMI

Produced by: Mumbi KAMAU

Country of production: Kenya

Running time: 70’

Completed in: August 2018



George, a gay Kenyan man, loves his father dearly and does all he can to be a good son to him. But being a good son has meant hiding his truth, as he is not allowed to love freely in Kenya. Being intimate with another man is considered a crime in Kenya. We explore George’s relationship with his father over four years, as he is torn between being a good son and being true to himself and the man he loves.

Contact: Mumbi KAMAU -