Monday 14 May – 10:00 - 12:00 – Palais K, Level 4, Palais des Festivals


The Guadalajara International Film Festival is a cultural event of great relevance for Guadalajara and Mexico. It is considered as one of the most important showcases for the appreciation, promotion and distribution of Mexican and Ibero-American films. As the premier film festival in Latin America, FICG serves as a rich forum for the creative exchange between professionals, filmmakers, critics, students, and audiences.


Contact Person: Estrella ARAIZA,, & +52 1 33 3480 2244

At Your Mercy - ©Director Victoria Solano

At Your Mercy (Sumercé)

Colombia – Documentary – Spanish – 80’

Directed by: Victoria Solano

Produced by: Marco Cartolano, Victoria Solano (Clementina Films), Paula Vaccaro (Pinball London LTD)

Synopsis: Veteran activist Don Eduardo, political leader César Pachón and farmer mom head of household Rosa fight against mining companies.



Miriam Lies - ©Directors Oriol Estrada and Natalia Cabral

Miriam Lies (Miriam miente)

Dominican Republic – Feature – Spanish – 94’

Directed by: Oriol Estrada and Natalia Cabral

Produced by: Natalia Cabral (Faula Films)

Synopsis: A quiet middle class world of good intentions will begin to crumble when Miriam invites her black boyfriend to her fifteen birthday party.

Okay It's Fine - ©Director Gabriela Ivette Sandoval

Ok, It's Fine  (Ok, está bien)

Mexico – Feature – Spanish – 90’

Directed by: Gabriela Ivette  Sandoval Torres

Produced by: Angélica Ramirez Carreon  (Draíz Producciones)

Synopsis: Mariano, a fat script career, lives with his mom, spends his time watching movies and has not written a single script in his life. His universe collapses when Ramiro, comes to live with them.

Perro Bomba - ©DirectorJuan Caceres

Perro Bomba

Chile – Feature – Spanish – 90’

Directed by: Juan Caceres

Produced by: Alejandro Ugarte (Infractor Film Factory), Esteban Sandoval (Pejeperro Films)

Synopsis: Steevens was born in Haiti but now lives in Chile. His culture, his language and his skin make him different in an indifferent country. Not the law, nor the institutions, nor society care about him.

When I Close My Eyes - ©Directors Michelle Ibaven and Sergio Blanco

When I Close My Eyes (Cuando cierro los ojos)

Mexico – Documentary – Spanish – 70’

Directed by: Michelle Ibaven, Sergio Blanco

Produced by: Michelle Ibaven (Ibaven Foprocine/ BambúIaudiovisual)

Synopsis: Two Mexican native inmates express what they could not depose before the court, since no interpreter of their languages was present.