Sunday 13 May – 10:00 - 11:30 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Presented by: DOK Leipzig

DOK Leipzig, the oldest festival for documentary and animation in the world, is pleased to partner with German Films, Film & Medien Stiftung NRW and AG DOK to present 4 fresh documentary projects. We hope this selection of Germany’s vibrant documentary landscape will give you a view of the interests and visual language of our talent and new titles for your festivals or catalogues. DOK Leipzig takes place 29.10 - 04.11.2018.

Pionners - ©Martin Oetting


Directed by: Martin OETTING

Produced by: Kim MÜNSTER (Treibsand Film)

Country of production: Germany, Italy, Scotland

Running time: 90’

Completed in: November 2019



A professor, a student and an activist are taking our world on the road to post-growth. They are fighting for new ideas. Practically and theoretically, on a global level, on national levels, they are trying to help rid ourselves of the growth obsession, and move to a better and more sustainable way of thinking about business and about life.

Contact: Kim MÜNSTER -

Who Killed Jessica ? - ©Yulie Cohen


Directed by: Yulie COHEN

Produced by: Ümit ULUDAĞ (CORSO Film), Serge GORDEY (Temps Noir), Yulie COHEN (YC Films)

Country of production: Germany, France, Israel

Running time: 90’

Completed in: February 2022



Three hours after Jessica was found dead in her room, the same room was back in business. Sex sells – any time. Based on Jessica’s story in a brothel in Tel-Aviv and an absurd court trial, we witness the hipocrisy about what prostitution entails for women – anywhere.

Contact: Ümit ULUDAĞ -

Oeconomia - ©Carmen Losmann


Directed by: Carmen LOSMANN

Produced by: Hannes LANG, Mareike WEGENER (Petrolio Film GmbH)

Country of production: Germany

Running time: 90’

Completed in: January 2019



OECONOMIA makes visible the rules of the contemporary global capitalist game that systematically preconditions growth, deficits and concentrations of wealth. This logic of seemingly ceaseless accumulation is revealed layer for layer in this episodic documentary.

Contact: Mareike WEGENER -

Waterproof - ©Daniela König


Directed by: Daniela KÖNIG

Produced by: Michaela PNACEKOVA & Stefan KLOOS (Kloos & Co OST)

Country of production: Germany, Jordan

Running time: 80’

Completed in: February 2019



WATERPROOF gives a humorous insight into the world of four plumbers who stand their ground, armed with pliers and screwdrivers. They are the first female plumbers in Jordan, one of the driest countries in the world. While the women fight against a rigid social system, they also deal with struggles of love, marriage and self-determination.

Contact: Michaela PNACEKOVA -