La Lucarne and Arte will bring three special screenings to the Doc Corner on Saturday May 12, Sunday May 13 and Monday May 14.

Chinese Ink (Heber Sini) - ©Ghassan Salhab

CHINESE INK (Heber Sini)

Saturday 12 May – 16:00 - 17:30 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Directed by: Ghassan SALHAB

Produced by: Ghassan SALHAB

Country of production: Lebanon, France

Running time: 55’

Completed in: 2017

The ‘Chinese portrait’ of a man falling apart, in a world ceaselessly coming apart at the seams. This man insists however: Only the poets?

Contact: Ghassan SALHAB -

128 Weeks at Dora Maar Junior High School - ©Eric Baudelaire


(128 semaines au Collège Dora Maar)

Sunday 13 May – 16:00 - 17:30 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Directed by: Eric BAUDELAIRE

Produced by: Cédric WALTER, Olivier MARBOEUF, (Spectre Productions)

Country of production: France

Running time: 90’ (completed film) / 39’ (presented WIP)

Completed in: December 2019

Autumn 2015. Éric Baudelaire is invited to imagine a film around the Dora Maar Junior High. He decides to sketch the portrait of a group of kids over four school years. Little by little, the subject itself of the film – still currently in the making – becomes the object of its own realization, and the students its authors.

Contact: Cédric WALTER -


Delphine and Carole - ©Callisto Mc Nulty


(Delphine et Carole, insoumuses)

Monday 14 May – 16:00 - 17:30 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Directed by: Callisto Mc NULTY

Produced by: Sophie DE HIJES & Nicolas LESOULT (Les Films de la Butte, France) / Britta RINDELAUB (Alva Film, Switzerland)

Country of production: France, Switzerland

Running time: 70’ (completed film) / 66’ (presented WIP)

Completed in: July 2018

The portrait of 1970s enchanted feminism, the film retraces the encounter of actress Delphine Seyrig and director Carole Roussopoulos in 1974, their creative and disruptive use of video, their radical actions and incisive humour.

Contact: Sophie DE HIJES -