The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR and the International Emerging Film Talent Association IEFTA will bring two special screenings to the Doc Corner on Friday May 11, Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13.

Refugee Voices in Film - ©IEFTA / UNHCR



Friday 11 May & Sunday 13 May – 14:00 - 15:30 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Refugee Voices in Film - 3rd Edition invites you to witness the diverse use of film in addressing one of the most poignant global humanitarian crises of our time. Documentary and shorts play an important role in UNHCR’s advocacy, awareness and fundraising, providing the public with facts and inspirational human stories behind the refugee crisis. Furthermore, they are innovative tools communicating vital information and messages to people on the move, enabling them to make informed decisions prior to embarking on #DangerousCrossings. Refugee Voices in Film provides unique insight into UNHCR’s crucial role in rebuilding the lives of the forcibly displaced #WithRefugees | | #RefugeeVoicesinFilm | #DangerousCrossings | #UNHCR | #IEFTA


Beyond the Raging Sea - ©IEFTA / UNHCR


Saturday 12 May – 12:00 - 14:00 – Palais K

Produced by: Marco ORSINI (O2 LLC)

Country of production: Egypt

Running time: 45’

Completed in: 2018

Triathlete Omar Nour and mountaineer Omar Samra enter the Atlantic Challenge - a rowing race across open ocean - as the ultimate test of endurance and a fine way to bring awareness to the refugee crisis. In an ironic twist, they’re soon facing the same dangers, terrors and decisions of those they meant to recognize and relieve, whose own experience unfolds in pointed comparison. In this film, an elite adventure introduces us to extraordinary people in exceptional circumstance, navigating existential threats and grueling ordeals, fighting for survival and what comes after.

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