Saturday 12 May – 11:30 - 13:00 – Doc Corner Screening Room

Presented by: The Algerian Center for Cinema Development

The Algerian Center for Cinema Development (CADC) is a public institution under the Algerian Ministry of Culture in charge of film financing, promotion and distribution of both feature and documentary films. The CADC is attending the Doc Corner to promote four talented young Algerian documentary producers and directors.

Janitou - ©Amine Hattou


Directed by: Amine HATTOU

Produced by: Boualem ZIANI (Libre Image production) - Algeria / Co-Producers: Thomas KASKE (Kaske Films) - Germany, Oualid BAHA (Tact Films) - France / Associate

Produced by: Amine HATTOU - Algeria

Country of production: Algeria, Qatar, Germany, France

Running time: 90’

Completed in: November 2018



Algeria in the late 1980s, during a period of intense political and social unrest. A Bollywood movie has become an unexpected sensation all over the country. Following the nostalgia of this love story coming from far away,“Janitou” explores what love means in today’s Algerian society and detangles with tenderness and seriousness the emotional identity of a traumatized generation.

Contact: Amine HATTOU -

The Village - ©Abdelmadjid Kallou


Directed by: Abdelmadjid KALLOU

Produced by: Yacine BOUAZIZ (Thala Films)

Country of production: Algeria

Running time: 90’

Completed in: February 2019



The “Quarya” is a slum on the outskirts of the city Chalghoum laid, in the east of Algeria. In this open air yet enlosed space, where adults carry the burden of time which seems motionless, children, on the other hand, don’t see any desolation. Despite the garbage and the obvious misery, they keep on playing and looking at the world through their innocent eyes.

Contact: Yacine BOUAZIZ -


Algeria, Out of Place - ©Dorothée-Myriam Kellou


Directed by: Dorothée-Myriam KELLOU

Produced by: Mariem HAMIDAT (HKE Production) - Algeria, Eugénie MICHEL-VILLETTE (Les Films du Bilboquet) - France

Country of production: Algeria, France

Running time: 80’

Completed in: June/July 2018



I set out with my father, an Algerian filmmaker exiled in France, on a journey to the village where he grew up as a child. There, we gather the silent memory of those who bore witness to France’s colonial policy of forcibly resettling Algeria’s rural population.

Contact: Mariem HAMIDAT -

That's All... - ©Sabrina Draoui

THAT’S ALL… (Hada Makan…)

Directed by: Sabrina DRAOUI

Produced by: Sabrina DRAOUI (Nakora Films)

Country of production: Algéria

Running time: 80’

Completed in: April 2019



This is the story of a cycle: from stone to stone becoming. A cycle in which young Algerian stonecutters only have one ambition: to breathe. Breath the right to become, the right to dream, the right to work and the right to oxygen.

Contact: Sabrina DRAOUI -