18 May


13h00 - 14h00

India UNCHAINED: Taking curated world cinema to India's filmfans - via myNK VOD using secure blockchain technology

A first person interaction with industry stalwarts on how they see blockchain tech addressing current distribution and piracy concerns. Anurag Kashyap (acclaimed film-maker)  and  Orly Ravid (The Film Collaborative) discuss a new solution combining a curated VOD platform with filmfan engagement incentives to bring world cinema to the world’s largest film market.

Speakers : Anurag KASHYAP, Film Maker, India; Deepak JAYARAM – MinersINC, India; Orly RAVID - The Film Collaborative, USA; Nitin NARKHEDE – MinersINC, India            

Moderator : Wendy BERNFELD - Rights Stuff,Netherlands 

place Conference Room

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