The key players of the genre film industry will be invited to attend the events designed to meet their needs and to foster networking among the participants. The Frontières Platform in Cannes will present a Proof of Concept Presentation and Buyers Showcase at the Goes to Cannes screenings. At the end of these two days, the Fantastic Fanatics Mixer will offer casual networking with a focus on genre.

After 3 years of operating on a biannual transatlantic circuit with two editions per year, one in Brussels at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, and one in Montreal at Fantasia, FRONTIÈRES is now evolving to a 3-stop model in partnership with the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes Cannes which in addition to the Platform includes the Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum in Amsterdam, and the Frontières International Co-Production Market in Montreal at Fantasia.

After Cannes, the cycle of the Frontières Platform will start again with the 9th edition of its annual 4-day co-production market taking place at Fantasia in Montreal where selected genre film projects from across Europe and North America will meet with 400 members of the international film industry. 

For more information, please visit Frontières website.