Sister - ©Director Svetla Tsotsorkovao


Bulgaria – Feature – Bulgarian – 90’

Directed by: Svetla TSOTSORKOVA

Produced by: Svetla TSOTSORKOVA (Omega Films)

Synopsis: a teenage girl destroys the world of her elder sister. truggling to fix what she has done, she finds out the truth about their mother.




Still Human - ©Director Oliver Chan Siu-Kuen

Still Human

Hong-Kong – Feature – Cantonese – 100’

Directed by: Oliver CHAN SIU-KUEN

Produced by: Fruit CHAN (No Ceiling Film Production Limited)

Synopsis: A paralyzed and hopeless man meets his new Filipino domestic worker who has put her dreams on hold; together, they are going to learn what to do with life.

The Man Who Surprised Everyone - ©Directors Natalya Merkulova and Alexey Chupov

The Man Who Surprised Everyone

Russia, France – Estonian, Russian – Feature – 120’

Directed by: Natalya MERKULOVA, Alexey CHUPOV

Produced by: Katia FILIPPOVA (Pan-Atlantic Studio)

Synopsis: In a far away Siberian village, a man decides to change his sex as a desperate attempt to cure his illness.





The Pencil - ©Director Natalya Nazarova

The Pencil

Russia – Feature – Russian – 90’

Directed by: Natalya NAZAROVA

Produced by: Anastasia LUKOVNIKOVA (Salt Studio)

Synopsis: After her husband is arrested, Antonina follows him to the northern province of Russia, where her urge to bring change leads to a conflict with a local gang leader.





The Sorcerer - ©Director Félix Guardia

The Sorcerer

Panama – Animation – English, Spanish – 70’

Directed by: Félix GUARDIA

Produced by: Tomás CORTÉS-ROSSELOT (Animal)

Synopsis: A wild journey through Julio Zachrisson’s absurd and surrealist universe.







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