Equipment and services

Make the choice of top-level equipment

  • Internet connection, WiFi and networks

    High speed Internet access from 512 kbps.

  • 4G / WiFi routers

    Take advantage of the Cellhire small & compact Mobile WiFi hotspot to enjoy high speed internet access at a very competitive price. You just need to connect your WiFi compatible devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop) to the Mobile WiFi hotspot and access internet wherever you are.

  • French Sim Cards

    For voice calls, we offer a Cellhire Sim card with a French mobile number – your incoming calls are free. You can order the Sim only (to insert in your device) or with a mobile phone; a 3GB internet bundle is available for the smartphones.

  • Badge Reader

    from 420 €

    It collects data from people attending your events or visiting your booth or pavilion 

  • Computers

    from 295 €

    For your office needs in Cannes

    Laptop from 320 €

    iMAC from 390 €

    PC from 295 €

  • Screens

    from 240 €

    For any display needs you might have in Cannes

    Plasma Screen from 600 €

    LCD Screen from 240 €

  • Fax-photocopy-scanner

    from 175 €

    Printer from 175 €

  • Audio-visual

    from 25 €

    For any audio-visual equipment you may need in Cannes.

    DVD Player from 80 €

    Loudspeakers from 25 €

  • For more information

    Contact our services providers:

    - LIVE UP | Email:

    - Léni Eurodoc | Email:

  • More information

    Contact our partner Immosol

  • Furniture

    Stylish furniture to equip your office in Cannes (Palais, Riviera, Lérins, hotels and apartments).

  • Cocktails

    15 € / person

    A breakfast meeting, a cocktail to celebrate your screening or your event

  • Floral Decoration

    To brighten your offices or your reception areas.

  • Digital Printing

    Digital printing of your posters on paper, textile, PVC and stickers, up to very large formats to decorate your booth and promote your films.

  • Refund of VAT

    Companies from the European Union (outside France) as well as Non-EU Companies are entitled to a refund of VAT - under specific conditions.

Why Participate?

Every year in May, Cannes becomes the largest trade hub for the film industry. The Marché du Film is a vital meeting point for 12 400+ industry professionals - including 3 900 producers, 3 300 buyers and distributors and 1 000 festival programmers -, a place to meet peers from around the world and boost your business opportunities.

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