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Your screenings at the Marché du Film









  Marché du Film 2017 will be held from May 17 to 26.


 Screenings reservation will start at the beginning of                 February. 











  • From early February, screening reservations can be made online by all companies that are registered with the Marché. The film request form is available in your company’s account with your email address and password. Requests are processed on a first come first served basis. Films produced prior to January 1, 2014 and films that were screened at a previous Marché du Film are not accepted. Short films running less than 35 minutes should register with the Short Film Corner at


  • NEW FOR 2016: A maximum of two daytime screenings will be scheduled for each film (slots starting between 9:30am and 6:30pm) from Thursday, May 12 to Tuesday, May 17. However, it is possible to reserve additional daytime screenings on Wednesday, May 11 and after Tuesday, May 17 or every day at 7:30pm and later (8:00pm/8:30pm or 10pm/10:30pm).


  • The films that are going to be screened must be updated in your “Marché du Film” line-up on (in “My Data”) no later than Wednesday, April 13 in order to have them listed in the Guide and the product listings of the main trades. The detailed information on the films to be screened and the screening schedule are listed in the Pocket Guide, Cannes Market News and The schedule is forwarded daily to the international trades and published in the Dailies.


  • The certificate of the server that will generate the DKDMs will be available as of Monday, April 25 on The DKDMs (and the KDMs) should be sent by email to but this address will not be valid until Monday, April 25.

  • Access to the Palais des Festivals and the Riviera is only reserved to people who have a badge (Festival, Marché, temporary pass or transferable badge). Invitations issued by the Marché Screening Department do not grant access to the Palais, Riviera and Lérins. A temporary Marché badge, valid for 1 to 3 days, can be bought at the Gare Maritime, next to the Palais des Festivals. Unlike the Festival temporary badge, it grants access to the Riviera building as well as the Palais.

  • Online catch-up screening: after their screening at the Marché, your new films will enjoy an additional visibility with buyers and festival programmers thanks to the Online Screening Room on In early June a sales campaign will urge them to discover the films online that they were unable to see in Cannes.






Danièle BirgéHead of Screening










Cancellation of a screening without penalty (full refund) 



Friday, April 1


Films in selection: 85% of the screening fee will be reimbursed in case of cancellation whether the slot has been reallocated or not



April 2 to April 29



Films that are not selected: 85% of the screening fee will be reimbursed
only if the slot has been taken by another company



April 2 to April 29



 Any screening cancelled from April 30 will be invoiced in full



Saturday, April 30






To enter the line-up on cinando and have the films listed in the Guide



Wednesday, April 13


To confirm the final schedule, possible restricted access and have it published in the Pocket Guide



Friday, April 22







Early delivery place : GARE MARITIME

 Please read the details in the TECHNICAL GUIDE


From Monday, April 25



Delivery at the Marché Stock Films

Before then, please deliver the material to the GARE MARITIME



From Tuesday, May 3



Delivery of DCPs, DKDMs (or KDMs) and Blu-Rays

In case of late delivery less than 5 days before the screening,

an additional fee of 250 € +VAT will be charged


Wedneday, May 4
OR at the latest

5 days before the screening 





Pickup of all material at the Stock



Sunday, May 22



Closing down of the Stock



Monday, May 23






The Marché du Film thanks all its exclusive technical providers for their continuous support.







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