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The Rise of the CIA and the Fall of the Iranian Democracy

The first true-to-life spy thriller in a new genre of interactive transmedia story experiences, AJAX is based on the 1953 coup d’état in which the CIA and British intelligence overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran and reinstalled the monarchy. The history is explored through four distinct layers: Graphic Novel Application, Interactive Academic Tool (academic edition of the graphic novel app), Mobile Game, and a Feature-length animated spy thriller. The award winning graphic novel app includes over 200-pages of original illustrations and incorporates actual CIA documents, newspaper clippings, archival footage, and much more.


Creative Team:
Mahyad Tousi, Creative Producer (Franchise), Producer (Motion Picture), Transmedia Producer
Daniel Burwen, Cognito Comics, Creative Director (Graphic Novel)
Mike de Seve, Writer (Graphic Novel and Motion Picture)
Reza Aslan, Writer (Motion Picture)

Contact in Cannes: Mahyad Tousi (Boomgen Studios) -


Round-Table on May 22.



Opération Ajax - Website 


An interactive confession on two levels


A moving confession of a former member of one of Guatemala’s most violent gangs telling her story in a unique interactive concept where the user choses between a face to face experience and Alma’s recollections. An online experience recreating the subtle alchemy of listening to a powerful story and letting the words bring images to mind.  Medias : webdocumentary, tablet apps for iPad and Android, a 52 minutes long TV movie made with the same materials, photographies, books.


Creative team:
Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère - Authors/directors
Hugues Micol - Illustrator
Sébastien Brothier - Art director
Lydia Decobert - Editor
Greg Corsaro - Original music


Contact in Cannes: Alexandre Brachet (UPIAN) -


Round-Table on May 19.




The world's 1st second screen cinema app

A transmedia project consisting of a feature film (2012) and television series (2013) featuring several components that deepened the storyline: an in-cinema second screen app and web-based game as well as connected websites and social media, creating a fuller thriller experience for the audience. Medias: Feature film, 2nd screen cinema app, 6-part television series (2013), Web game, Book (based on novel), Website (in-story, of one of the characters), Social media


Creative team:
Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting - Producers
Esther Wouda - Transmedia Script                  
Christiaan de Rooij - Art director                                
Elastique - App technical realization


Contacts in Cannes: Femke Wolting (Submarine) - / Esther Wouda (Gloworm Film) -


Round-Table on May 20.




In a city hit by violence, a new type of combat is born

A transmedia project presenting the Latin Hip Hop world through an innovative bridge between factual and fictional narrative and technology that will lead the charge to a socially-conscious international franchise. By discovering new talents, it will create a deep connection with the story and a strong identification with the audience choosing the contents demonstrating the dynamic and participatory nature of transmedia. Medias: Feature film, television, web 2.0 contents, apps for smartphones, music and live shows.


Creative team:
Steven Grisales – Producer, co-creator
Jose Luis Rugeles – Director, co-creator
Diego Vivanco - Writer
Ivan Benavidez – Music producer
Alex Garcia – Co-producer


Contact in Cannes: Steven Grisales (Rhayuela Cine) -




Cinewalks in Paris

An app that geo-localizes film excerpts throughout Paris, precisely where they were shot. Different walks are available to users for discovering the city through the lens of cinema. It is also a creation lab producing original 'fiction walks' on a neighborhood scale, split in 5 episodes. To discover the complete story, users must walk from one episode to the next.  They can also express their talents by sending their own "sweded" version of a film scene. Cinemacity is a free cultural experience aimed at film and city lovers alike, available in English, French and German.


Creative team:
Pierre Cattan - Show runner
Michel Reilhac - Artistic adviser
David Benmussa - Art director
Fleur Marty - Web project manager
Ilan Cohen - Director


Contacts in Cannes: Pierre Cattan (Small Bang) - / Michel Reilhac (Mélange) -


Round-Table on May 17.







A movie in which the hero is YOU

Eidolon and The Fifth Sleep are the results of an exploration of a new type of “immersive cinema”, with the help of virtual reality, and by combining new media technology. Eidolon is an installation realized at Le Fresnoy in 2011 and still on display in theatres, galleries, festivals and exhibition centers. The Fifth Sleep is stepping forward in this adventure. It is currently being edited, soon entering post-production. The production baseline is the same that the one used in the Video-game industry. Medias: film, interactive installation, TV, web series, smartphone applications.


Creative team:
ACNOT - Producer
Balthazar Auxietre – Director
Thomas Tissot Dupont, 3D modeler, Developer:
Fabrice Gaston, Creation modeler
Willy Le Bleis, Graphic artist 3D, animator


Contacts in Cannes: Caroll Duthérage (Acnot) - / Balthazar Auxietre -




When documentary and technology converge

Defining documentary has never been easy, all the more because of different cultural traditions. MIT’s Open Documentary Lab and IDFA’s DocLab have joined together to put the long story of documentary innovation into perspective, and to speculate about its future. It is connecting the dots between our latest endeavors and those conceptual pioneers and technological prototypes that came before them. Innovation is considered both in the creative application of new technologies and in the creative impulse that lead documentarians to invent new technologies.


Creative team:
MIT Open Documentary Lab & IDFA DocLab


Contacts in Cannes: Caspar Sonnen (IDFA DocLab – International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) –


Round-Table on May 18.




Change. It’s scary.

When things evolve and paradigms shift, we get a chance to try new things, to meet new people, and to go to new places. For 70 years the NFB experimented, innovated, and produced a legacy of technical and creative firsts in cinema, animation, and documentary. Think McLaren, Lipsett, Brittain, and Jutra: Stereoscopic 3d, VTR, and participatory media. At the Cross Media Corner, the NFB is presenting BLA BLA by Vincent Morisset, a film for computer, and three projects in the Cabinet de Curiosités: A Journal of Insomnia, Bear 71 and The Devil’s Toy Redux.


Contact in Cannes: Tom Perlmutter (National Film Board of Canada) / Laurette Monconduit (Publicist) -


Round-Table on May 18.




A new breed of ethical video game

It takes a clever new spin on an old arcade classic, using over-the-top satire to explore ongoing real-world issues surrounding the exploitation of natural gas. It is designed to engage audience and build awareness for the documentary film Trouble In The Peace. After launching, the game generated a huge amount of media attention when the Oil & Gas Industry influenced conservative media into running a negative smear campaign labeled an “eco-terrorist, anti-pipeline” game. In less than 8 hours, it had been played over 8000 times and sales of the app version went through the roof.


Creative team:
Alex Jansen - Producer & Director (Pop Sandbox)
Paul Scherzer - Executive Producer (Six Island Productions)
Alex Jansen & Jim Munroe - Game Design
Mat den Boer - Visual Design & Animation
Alex Bethke & Andrew Traviss - Development


Contact in Cannes: Paul Scherzer (Six Island) -


Round-Table on May 21.





It is a journey to record today’s musical artists as they perform the songs that inspired a century of popular music -- exactly as they were originally recorded, instantaneously, on one-of-a-kind 78rpm lacquer discs. The website – - is an immersive world, home to everything created to date.  Individual episodes of the web series, clips from the production of the movie, streaming music, still photographs, live events and informative posts allow the audience to dig deeper, thereby engaging more fully with the project. Through the release and distribution of a feature film audiences are engaged both online and in-person.


Creative team:
Alex Steyermark – Producer, Director, Writer, Camera, Editor
Lavinia Jones Wright – Producer, Writer, Social Media, Presto Recordist


Contacts in Cannes:  Alex Steyermark (1M1 TRAX) - / Lavinia Jones Wright (1M1 TRAX) –




When Crossmedia promotes Cinema

Wallonia and its Wallimage Fund are putting cross media at the service of promoting cinema. Wallimage Crossmedia is an innovative experiment that quickly became a true phenomenon positioning Wallonia as a pioneer European region in matters of digital promotion. At the Cross Media Corner, it is presenting successful digital experiences created to promote films: Ernest et Célestine, L’Ecume des Jours, Boule et Bill, Le Petit Spirou. Also, you can discover Wallonia at the Cross Media Corner & win an iPad mini!


Contacts in Cannes: Philippe Reynaert (Wallimage) / Olivier Lenaert (Wallimage) -


Round-Table on May 17.




Chronicle of the 34th Horde

Adapted from the book La Horde du Contrevent by Alain Damasio, Windwalkers is an epic and poetic tale, an ode to resistance, freedom and willpower, an internal voyage of self-discovery, an understanding of who we are, and what we could be.  It is developed into: two animated movie directed by Jan Kounen, THE MAIN STORY, one video game: THE PREQUEL OF THE STORY and a series of comic books: FOCUS ON THE CHARACTERS.


Creative team:
Produced by Forge Animation
Co-produced by Shibuya productions & Digital Frontier
Alain Damasio - author of the book and co-author of the movie script
Jan Kounen – director animated movies
Hervé Trouillet, Nicolas Romain, Fabien Baboz - Producers


Contacts in Cannes: Hervé Trouillet / Marianne Carpentier (Forge Animation) -


Round-Table on May 16.