The Wutianming Film Fund for Young Talents was established in 2014 by its parent organization the China Film Foundation with the sole mission of discovering and developing young talents within the film industry. The foundation provides a platform for training and developing young talent as well as providing opportunities for financial backing for film projects by young filmmakers. The fund also provides contacts, support and opportunities for development at every stage of the film production process.

The event in Cannes will host 6 talented Chinese producers as they pitch their new projects. Here is a list of the producers, their info and a little more about the films that they’re bringing to Cannes:

1. Luo Si, a screenwriter, producer, actress, screenplay instructor and columnist with Tianjin Encore Film LLC, will come to Cannes with her film Ruins: a three-chapter film, consisting of three stories that happen in the Hutongs of Beijing. The chapters are an alternative gaze, gazing at the people living in old buildings but actually living in ruins:

Chapter 1: “WEST AND EAST CHAMBERS” is a subtle gaze at a divorced couple in an old courtyard where one day an old gentleman walks in. How do the ruins of their hearts collapse in three days?

Chapter 2: “PEIPING: THE NIGHT BEFORE” shot by 16mm film, is the half time between the other two chapters. It’s all about a woman’s struggle: she can’t marry her fiancé just because the man in her dream was once living in the time of Peiping. In those dreams, she dies because of him, just before the day Peiping turns into Beijing.

Chapter 3: “QINGLOU” depicts an unprepared murder, a truth hiding in an old building——Qinglou, and a love affair between two abandoned hearts.

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2. Andrew Long, a producer, director, cinematographer, bachelor of management, master of communication and creativity with Story Farm Productions, Shenzhen, will be coming to Cannes with his project My Dear Friend:

A story about, Qingqing, a pregnant city girl whose boyfriend has disappeared. Qingqing travels to her boyfriend’s hometown and tries to find him. She did not find him, instead she encounters something strange, which brings her on a journey with her boyfriend’s grandfather and the grandfather’s friend to another village hundreds miles away. However, their journey reveals another side of life of the grandma that no one has known for the past sixty years.

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3. Sara Sha, of SG Movie, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy with a specialization in sound design. Her previous works include The Blood of Youth and will be coming to Cannes with her project Crash:

A story about Mao Liejun, the director of Renai hospital and the chairman of Renai Group. He is also the big brother of his gangster organization. One day, he is assassinated and dies in an ambulance of Renai hospital. The ambulance driver, Wang Dong is accused the murderer. His son, Yangyang gets a car accident but the delay of sending him to the emergency room has something to do with the gangsters. The gangsters control the “recourses” sent to the hospital. Wang Dong decides to face the extreme dangerous situation to gets his revenge.       

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4. Johnny Shi, of Beijing Shengtang Chuangshi Culture Transmission Co., Ltd., graduated from McMaster University and the Beijing Film Academy and is a member of CSWA and the Asia-Pacific Producers Network members. He will be coming to Cannes with his project Rootless Vine:

A story about two twin sisters from a small town in the 90s in China. Shen Hui is the elder sister, Shen Meng, the younger sister. They both perform excellent at school physically and mentally, but their family can only support one of them to go to the university in Beijing. Meng gives the opportunity to Hui. During Hui’s life in Beijing, she writes to Meng about everything she sees there. However, one day, the unfortunate incident strikes on Hui that she is sick from the family illness. After Hui passes away, Meng decides to take Hui’s identity to live like her.

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5. Jing Yang, from Beijing Trend Cultural Investment Co., Ltd., graduated from Wuhan University in International Finance. His previous works include Crosscurrent, the only Chinese-language film accepted at the 66th Berlin Film Festival (Competition) and a Silver Bear winner for Outstanding Artistic Contribution. He will be coming to Cannes with his project The History of Tenderness:

The story happens in a hutong in Beijing. Xiaowu just broke up with her boyfriend. With the unexpectedly received remuneration, she rents a room in a hutong and looks forward to enjoying the sole space herself. However, her mother gets into a big argument with elderly in hometown, so she comes to seek the shelter from Xiaowu. Lacking of sense of security, they easily attack each other in everyday life whenever feeling of being hurt and cannot accept one and the other. Their life is the epitome of others in the Hutong, living in the same room without privacy and bearing the hatred but ironically depending on each other closely.

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6. Cheng Yang, from Nezha Bros. Pictures, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy with a master of literature. His previous works include River Road, Have a Nice Day (Have a Nice Day participated in the competition of 67th Berlin International Film Festival). Cheng will be coming to Cannes with his project Family Problems:

A film about how family members think about loving and problems that cannot avoid facing. The third son among the six children is the center character.  He is the principal of a high school. They have an aged father and the question is that who is more responsible for taking care of him, whose children are all occupied with both their social life and professional life.

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With such an exciting line-up of young talent, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to grow your Chinese contacts and plant the seeds of international co-production. Mark your calendars today!