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Boost your networking and business opportunities in Cannes with the Marché Badge.

Check out a participant sharing his experience at the Marché du Film 2016 here.

Below are all the benefits of a Marché badge...

  • Access to Marché screenings+-

    Market projections take place in rooms B to K of the Palais; in the screening rooms of the Riviera and Lérins as well as in the cinemas of the Olympia, the Arcades and the Gray d'Albion in the center of Cannes. You will find the market screenings program in the Pocket Guide which will be delivered to you in your bag at the Marché.

  • Access to Reruns of the Festival’s Offical Selection+-

    Enjoy reruns of the Festival's Official Selection, only available to Marché du Film badge holders.

  • Access to Festival Screenings+-

    The Marché badges have the same accessibility to the Festival screenings as the Festival badges.

  • Access to the events of our Industry Programs+-

    The programs NEXT, DOC Corner and Goes to Cannes offer a complete program (projections, Video Library, conferences and workshops, among others), only accessible with the Marché badge.

  • Access to Marché Areas+-

    Palais des Festivals, Riviera, Lérins and the Village International.

  • Access to Plage des Palmes for exhibitors.+-

    Limited to Exhibitors, Producers Network, and Producers Workshop participants only.

  • Be a part of exclusive publications.+-

    The Guide, the Funds Guide, and Map.

  • A year’s free subscription to Cinando+-

    Cinando is the biggest platform for networking in the industry. It has the contact information of industry professionals, the screening programs of different festivals and screening passes, on the web or on an app.

  • The Marché Badge grants all the privileges of a Festival Badge and more+-

    The Marché badge gives you all the benefits of a Festival badge. However, only with the Marché badge will you have access to NEXT, Doc Corner, Goes to Cannes, Mixers, and other Marché events.


February 20th - March 10th 2017
256,00 € (excl. tax)
March 11th-May 2nd 2017
282,50 € (excl. tax)
In Cannes from May 16 2017
332,50 € (excl. tax)
Producers Network
+56 € (

- Access to the events, breakfast meetings, cocktails and conferences of the Producers Network

- A reference in the Guide (if registered before April 12th)

- Producers Network accreditation grants you full access to all Marché du Film venues, screenings and services.

- Please read the participation terms before registration. There will be no refund in case of ineligibility to the Producers Network.

Producers Workshop
+56 € (

- Access to the events, cocktails and conferences of the Producers Workshop

- A reference in the Guide (if registered before april 12th)

- Producers Workshop accreditation grants you full access to all Marché du Film venues, screenings and services.

Payment is limited to online payment by credit or debit card.


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